60 hilarious memes from last night’s intense ‘Game of Thrones’ season finale

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Game of Thrones seventh season finale, “The Dragon and the Wolf.”

Following an underwhelming episode last week, Game of Thrones delivered a breathtaking season finale that skipped the guts and gore, opting for a heartfelt episode fulfilling popular fan theories and diving into its dense mythology.“The Dragon and the Wolf”reunited a handful of main characters from across Westeros, gave us the sex scene we’ve been dying to see, and left us helplessly watching the wall collapse at the hands of the Night King and Viserion.

The season finale left fans screaming at their TV screens in fear of what’s to come for the eighth season and Twitter was overflowing with enough Game of Thrones memes to make us all laugh instead of cry.

The best Game of Thrones memes from “The Dragon and the Wolf”

1) When Cersei becomes the dumbest person in Westeros



2) And Jaime isn’t here for it






3) Sansa and Arya play Littlefinger and give us the moment we’ve all been waiting for








4) When Jon and Danny get it on, and it’s beautiful (?)







5) Bran and Sam confirm the R + L theory about Jon’s true identity








6) Then Sam takes credit for Gilly’s discovery




7) When Viseryon returns, but this time as a wight to destroy all hope











8) The pain felt after realizing we all have to wait until 2019 until the last season.






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