Hurricane Irma washes away iconic boat – 28 years after Hurricane Hugo washed it ashore

(CNN)A monster hurricane brought Folly Beach its most famous boat. Now another monster storm has washed it away.

Over the weekend, before Irma hit, someone painted words of encouragement on the boat for their neighbors to the south: “Godspeed Florida,” it read. “This too shall pass.”
Then came Monday. Hurricane Irma brought fierce winds and torrential rains to South Carolina and Georgia after devastating parts of Florida over the weekend.
It flooded Folly Beach and sections of nearby Charleston.
The boat floated about a half mile away and crashed into a dock owned by Chris John.
“All (of) the sudden, it was just floating by,” John told CNN. “My buddy was looking out the window and was like, ‘Whoa what is that?'”
John said the boat is now sitting in his front yard. It’s not clear what condition the boat is in or whether it will be returned to its original location in Folly Beach.

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