Much Needed App Will Turn You Into A Wine Expert With The Snap Of A Label

Choosing the spaghetti bolognese dishtakesseconds, but when it comes to the wine pairing, well another story. Suddenly the selections of vino look as though they’re written in Sanskrit and the prices are just as confusing as the names. What’s supposed to be a nice night out to dinner inevitably turnsinto a panic attack because you haveno idea what you’re supposed to order. But don’t stress.Vivino, awine app, will ease the pressure when you can’t seem to finda suitable bottle.


Thanks to the app, if you’re ever confused about a particular winebrand, all you have to do is snap a photo of the label and you’ll find botha review and rating of the drink. Can’t get a bottle? No sweat, it even works when you take a picture of the wine lists at restaurants. Is that a life-saver or what?

We really wanted to focus on the average, normal wine drinker, Heini Zachariassen, the app’s founder, told CNN. Just people that love wine but don’t necessarily want to make it a hobby.

And it seems there are plenty of people out there who do love their vino but have no idea what they’re supposed to be looking for. To date, the app has scanned 425 million labels, given 72 million ratings, and reviewed nearly 12 million bottles of wine, according to CNN, so there’s definitely a demand. No need to feel insecure about not knowing the particulars Vivino’s got you covered.

And, if you’re really bummed about not being a wine connoisseur, science says that practice can make you a better wine drinker, so before long, you’re going to be the one rating and reviewing on Vivino instead of looking to it for assistance.

If you’re in the market for a new bottle, the app wine as well. So the next time you’re fine dining, I doubt the wine list will look intimidating. Cheers, you vino aficionados.


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